Tax exempt ways to treat your employees this Christmas

Gifts which qualify as trivial benefits Seasonal gifts may include a Christmas hamper, a bottle of wine, a spa voucher, or tickets to various events of the employee’s choice such as arts or sports venues. If a gift meets the following conditions, it should qualify as a trivial benefit: Both employer and employee are exempt […]

Taking climate action: Electric Vehicles Salary Sacrifice Scheme

This is why we expect there to be a rise in the number of EV salary sacrifice schemes introduced by employers over the next few years, which make leasing EVs much more affordable for employees with no upfront costs. How does it work? An EV salary sacrifice scheme lets an employee pay for an electric […]

Valuable tax relief through the Enterprise Investment Scheme

As the tax reliefs are so generous, there are strict rules for both the company and individual, some of which are as follows: Individual Company A company can apply to HMRC for advance assurance so there is certainty for investors that it qualifies for EIS/SEIS. It is strongly recommended that advance assurance is authorised before […]