Plastics tax – what you need to know

The UK government wants to increase the amount that is recycled and so on 1 April 2022 a plastics tax on plastic packaging containing less than 30% recycled plastic was introduced. The tax covers packaging which is manufactured in the UK or imported into the UK. The rationale behind the tax is that it will […]

Preparing your 2021/22 Personal Tax Return

Child Benefit: If you or your partner claim child benefit you may be required to report this income on your Return. In particular, if you or your partner earn over £50,000 the High Income Child Benefit Tax Charge will apply.  This charge will be due from the individual with the highest income who may not […]

Electric cars – saving tax and the environment

Capital Allowances Where an electric car is purchased either outright or via a Hire Purchase agreement, the capital allowances available to the company are much higher than those usually attributable to cars. Brand new pure electric cars will usually qualify for First Year allowances (FYA). FYAs give 100% tax relief in the year of purchase […]